Export related object IDs in event exporter filtered by types


I want to use exporter to export ca_occurrences with ca_objects.idno and filter by type.

I try below, but is it not working, 


Options = { "context" : "ca_objects", "restrictToRelationshipTypes":["artwork"] , "delimiter" : ";"}

How can I do that?





EB313.3123; EF312.31

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  • You'd have to share the actual export mapping for me to tell you much. In principle what you're doing should work, but the details are what matter.

  • Thank you for your help, attached please find the part of event and object relationship in my occurrence exporter.

    I would like to export related object IDs filter by types (i.e. artwork, book), I try different options, but they are not working.

    Please find the options I've tried:




    My object type code: artwork; book

    My occurrence and object relationship code: related; used; describes; depicts

    In my result, all object IDs related to the same event have been extracted in a batch, IDs cannot be filtered by types.

    How can I export related object IDs of an event filter by object types using occurrence exporter?

    Many thanks!

  • Hi,

    Can anyone help me for this issue?

    Many thanks!

  • First problem: this is an import mapping.

  • Hi,

    I've used the attachment above as an export mapping and export related objects IDs through occurrence exporter. But three options seem not working, I can't filter the object IDs by types.

    May I know is it possible to export object IDs filtered by object types in an occurrence exporter?

    If it is not possible, how can I do this?

    Many thanks!

  • Where did you get that format file from?

  • Ok forget the previous post – I understand why this file looks the way it does not. My mistake.

    Try using "restrictToTypes" rather than "filterTypes" Does that make a difference?

  • Hi Seth,

    I've tried "restrictToTypes" but I can't filter object IDs, other types results also export together.

    Please find my source and option extracted from my export mapping (in the attachment above):





    "context" : "ca_objects",  

    "restrictToTypes": ["souvenir"],



    I am not sure if there is any other problem in my setting. How can I fix this?

    Many thanks!

  • I'm going to need to reproduce this... what profile are you using? If it's something you made yourself, can you send it to me at seth@collectiveacces.org?



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