Issues getting to that final stage of installation?

Hi! I've been trying to figure this out for about 3 hours now. I keep getting this specific error: "The server requested authentication method unknown to the client..."

I've been playing around with changing the user and password and database in setup.php but I just cannot seem to get that specific error resolved! Thanks.


  • Hi,

    Make sure you have valid login information (__CA_DB_USER____CA_DB_PASSWORD__ and __CA_DB_DATABASE__) for your MySQL server in setup.php. If the login information is correct and you're still seeing this error try running the query below to ensure your login is using "native passwords" for authentication. MySQL 8 (which I assume is what you're running) defaults logins to use auth_socket for authentication by default, which is different than is previous versions. We need password authentication.

    ALTER USER 'your_user_name'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password
    BY 'your_password';  

    Obviously, change the user name and password to reflect the actual login, and note that we assume here that you're running MySQL on the same machine as the application. If it's on a separate database server replace "localhost" with the address of the server.

    I hope this helps,


  • Hi! I was running 5.7 because that's what the installation instructions for Macs say to do (see attachment) so now I'm actually more confused! Are there more up to date instructions for Macs elsewhere in the manual?

  • Those are the up-to-date instructions. It'll work with MySQL 5.5 or better. 5.7 is generally the most common, and 8.0 is supported from CA version 1.7.9 on. I assumed you're running 8.0 because the error you're getting is associated with the change in auth default. If you're running 5.7 and getting that error it usually means your login settings are wrong.

  • Thanks! I am running 5.7 and so I am still very confused. I thought I followed the instructions correctly. Where should i check to fix the login settings?

  • Hi

    You should look at the mysql login settings in setup.php i mentioned in an earlier post.


  • Were you ever able to figure this out?

    I am trying to install on a Mac and am getting this error message,

    Something went wrong

    The server requested authentication method unknown to the client in /usr/local/var/www/ca/app/lib/Db/mysqli.php line 139:

    1. In Db_mysqli->connect(Object Db, Array(5)) in Db line 134
    2. At Db->connect(Array(5)) in Db line 108
    3. At Db->__construct(, , false) in index line 42

    I have checked the setup.php file multiple times, it has the correct information.

  • If you're running MySQL 8 it might be that you're running with the wrong default authentication plugin for PHP. To resolve this try recreating your mysql login using a statement in this form:

    ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password
    BY 'password';  

    The "WITH mysql_native_password" sets the authenticate method explicitly. Again, this is a common issue when running MySQL 8. If you're running MySQL 5.x then this is not going to help.

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