Voc-list: Add hierarchy level afterwards = Best way to re-link hundred+ terms?

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We have a vocabulary set that has several hundred entries (Agent Activities).

I now need to add hierarchy levels, which means I need to select several (=many!) existing entries and move them under a new tree location.

What is the quickest way to do so?

The only way I found requires several clicks + several refreshes **per item**, so it's unfeasible.

Grateful for any suggestions!


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    I think that the best way to do that is to edit the ca_lists table in the SQL base directly... but this requires an access and some geek capacities 😉

    if you try, make a backup before 😁

    You'll have to get the id of le parent level item, then for each item you want to move under the parent, edit the parent id to put the previous id.


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    If you're doing bulk moves a script is the best way. Messing directly with the record in SQL is generally not a great idea.

  • SQL or script: I was afraid (but not surprised) that that's the answer.

    If "script, but not messing with SQL directly", then:

    Which language? Which API?

    Thanks again.

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    Another way to accomplish this would be to create a set of the list items (via search or browse) you want to move and batch edit them to be under a new parent. This is fairly straightforward but does require you to construct appropriate sets.

    What we don't offer currently is a way to shift click multiple items and move them all in one shot from within the hierarchy browser. It'd be nice to have, but there hasn't been demand for it so it hasn't ever been high on the todo list.

  • Sets: Interesting approach!

    Will give it a try.

    Thanks for that suggestion :)

  • Is there a way to duplicate a full list (including its items)?

    I'd rather not tinker with a 200+ item list without a backup... ;)

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    btw: "Create set" offers "from checked":

    How do I "check" items? I can't find any checkboxes anywhere...


    If I search to get my voc-terms, the resulting list is blank - although "Identifier" and "Item name (singular)" are set for each item (see screenshot).

  • The checkboxes should be to the left of the numbers in the search results. What browser and operating system are you using?

  • I can confirm that checkboxes appear and function as expected on Mac OS with Safari, Firefox and Chrome (latest versions).

    In terms of those blank values in the list, it appears that the default display is set up incorrectly. We should enforce checks on these values at runtime here to ensure something shows up in all cases, but are not currently. We'll have to make that change. In the meantime, you can resolve this issue by creating a display for list items with the fields you want to see.

    There is a list-level duplication option, but it only duplicates the list record itself, not related items. It's not typical to need to duplicate entire sets of list items, and as the lists are often quite large it would be resource intensive as well.

  • The default display issue is resolved now in develop and master-fix (to be version 1.7.11)

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    Firefox 77.0.1 on Xubuntu 18.04.

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    Updated from develop: default display issue seems fixed.

    Now when I open the "Set Tools" on the left to have checkboxes appear.

    However, working with items in a set is a bit tricky, since only their identifiers, but no names appear (see screenshot).

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  • Yes, they only appear when needed.

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