Cannot connect to the localhost server in Pawtucket2

I have finished downloading Pawtucket2 through the Mac Terminal and tried to access it through https://localhost/ca/pawtucket/

However, it is saying it cannot connect with "localhost" on any browser.

When downloading Providence, I did change the servername to to "http://localhost:8080/ca" within the "/usr/local/etc/httpd/httpd.conf" file, in order to access the Providence site - which now works fine. (See the attached photo)

I tried changing the servername to "http://localhost:8080/ca/pawtucket", "http://localhost:8080/ca/pawtucket/" "http://localhost:8080/", "localhost"

I am googling the issue but any help would be appreciated.


  • In the apache configuration you'd usually set the ServerName to the actual host name of the machine + the port. Ex.

    If you omit it, or comment it out, Apache will determine it automatically, which usually works fine. In your case I'd remove it.

    If you're using a standard install of Apache on your Mac I'd guess that you've not set up SSL + a secure certificate. If that's the case then the server won't be listening for https:// connections.

    If http://localhost:8080/ca works for you for Providence, what's the error when you try http://localhost:8080/ca/pawtucket ?

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