Can't set right source_id when creating an object using user with multiple ACL

Dear CA Support,

I'm having the following issue and can't figure out how to fix it:

I have different users with single ACL (one role) which could see/edit just the object with the relative source_id, and they works fine.

I have also other users with multiple ACL (with many roles) which could see/edit everything, but the issue is that when one of them create a child object of the parent (which for example has source_id: 123) the object is stored with the first ACL found (first role) of the user (ex source_id 120, but should be 123);

Is there a method to inherit the ACL for example from the parent of the object?

So the actual limit is that an object with a specific source_id could be only created with a user that has the right ACL, and cannot be created with a super user (for example the administrator).

Am I missing something or this just cannot be done?

Thanks in advance,



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