Is the myfonts trackers required?

login.css contains a tracker:@import url("//");

Is there any requirement for this tracker? I really do not want any trackers (against our published policy) on our website. I'd just as well blow it away, but I did not know if there was a license requirement or something like that.



  • I agree. Same in error.css. I don't think the choice of that (or any standard-ish) font is important enough to warrant outcalls from every default install. Given the bare-bones design of the UI, dealing with external counters, woff files etc has always struck me as unnecessary.

    Some care should also be exercised with possible calls to external services that are being incorporated (for currency conversion I think).

  • It was a licensing requirements back in the olden tymes when that font was chosen. I suspect we cannot get rid of it in terms of licensing, but I'll have to investigate to be sure. I am sure we can get rid of the font entirely though, which I am all for,

  • Speaking of olden tymes, browser wars and all, and with an eye on the metrics of replacement fonts, there are quite a few places in the code where widths (and style in general) are hardcoded in HTML/php. Those widths were probably adjusted to the english-language strings expected in the elements they qualify, and when translating those strings those widths are often insufficient and must be changed, resulting in lots of niggly diffs all over the code. Class attributes everywhere and widths sent to base.css as a shallow but pervasive pull request?

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