migrated to new host - gmagick not available

we've migrated woodblockprints.org to a cloud VPS at scalahosting.com

they've installed imagick which takes a LONG LONG time to upload our large (5000 x 3000 pixel) jpegs and renders them much too light (gmagick was fast and images looked perfect on site).

*** ScalaHosting support team comment: "GMagick" is not supported, because your server runs on CentOS7, we have installed the original software named 'Imagick' which is literally the same, but under different name. The imagick service is a service in general, it's code is identical everywhere. Can you check the compression settings the CMS is using? Maybe they have altered or there's a missing imagick module that's required. Do you have more information about it's requirements?

In an early Providence 1.3 I was able to hack the code to change -colorspace RGB to -colorspace sRGB - but the current version is SO entirely different.

NEED assistance as soon as possible to get decent image uploads and fast processing.


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