new media uploads don't appear in Pawtucket

We have migrated our CA site to a cloud VPS host.

After migration, images can be added to objects in Providence and displayed as usual, BUT images added after migration do NOT appear in Pawtucket. The images were properly saved in /ca/images but are NOT present in /images.

What to do, what to do??


  • You probably have Pawtucket set up to read from a different directory than Providence is writing into.

  • There are TWO image directories - one at /images and the other at ca/images - Providence is writing image stuff to /ca/images and Pawtucket is reading from /images - is that incorrect ??

    Where do I set/check where pawtucket reads and providence writes???

  • You should symlink the Pawtucket one to the Providence one, as it was in your old setup.

  • You've given me enough, I think, to get the new site up and running properly. It looks like the new host, after migrating, Pawtucket wasn't finding the images, so they just copied /ca/media to /media and it looked like all was well.

    I'll let you know.

  • Yup. That was it. The new host, not knowing about the symlink (neither did I, of course) when checking the site after migration saw that the images in Pawtucket were'nt loading, so they duplicated the media folder where Pawtucket appeared to be looking. That caused some other issues as well.

    All resolved.

    Thank you, Seth.

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