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When an object has 12 (I think?) or fewer images, the primary image is displayed large with thumbnails of each image below - clicking the images or arrows changes the image in the large display. BUT when an object has more than 12 images, the large view changes to a universal viewer (which is OK when we popup the magnifier,

I'd prefer that 24 (or more) images/thumbnails (or more) behave the same as 12 or fewer.

I'd prefer the popup magnified universal viewer to highlight one image at a time rather than side-by-side.



  • You can edit where (or if) it changes in the media_display.conf file of your theme. That would be in themes/<whatever your theme name is>/conf/media_display.conf. If your theme does not have a copy of this file then the default one in themes/default/conf/media_display.conf is used.

  • Thank you - that worked so easily!

    And - I see the universal viewer has a single page option on-screen, so it's all good now!

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