Pawtucket 2 plugin development

Hello! I am working on a plugin for pawtucket but we have some uncertainties regarding the routing and plugin loading.

Is it correct that when having a plugin located at /app/plugins/StoryMode and a controller at /app/plugins/StoryMode/controllers/StoryModeController.php we should be able to call the Index() method at path index.php/StoryMode/StoryMode/index?

And in order to get started we copied the code from the FindingAid ( plugin, I read that the plugin is not needed anymore but is it still functional?

FYI, the complete plugin code can be found at

Thanks in advance for any help!


  • Yes, /index.php/StoryMode/StoryMode/index would be the path. You can use FindingAid as a sample. If you want something simpler to use we can post other ones for you.

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