Relationship Type: Dropdown not honoring term-hierarchy?

When configuring relationship type items hierarchically, the dropdown field for assigning the relationship, changes the order of items in a way that doesn't allow to visually associate which item belongs to which parent anymore.

See screenshots.

How can it be done to display correctly?


  • Hi,

    is this order related to something you could identify, such as alphabetical order of code? (try to change "award" to "baward" to see) Or reverse order.... or other.

    (I don't know, i just try to understand like you) ;-)

  • It's almost certainly a bug. Very few users (none that I know of) use hierarchical relationship types, so it would not surprise me if an issue had gone unnoticed.

  • @seth:

    We've now wiped the whole development installation and re-installed using the previously exported profile XML:

    Existing relationships (that we have created using the Web-API) display the hierarchies correctly. Only when trying to add a new relationship using the CA providence UI, the hierarchies are not honored and displayed like shown in the above screenshots.

    Would it be possible to fix this?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • btw: My developer colleague told me that retrieving the RelationshipType list over the Web-API also returns the flat version.

    So, the hierarchy is configured correctly and can be assigned (by Web-API) if the idno of a term is known, but retrieving the list of terms itself is returned flat.

  • Is there any chance or way that we could get a fix for this?

    In our setup this is a real issue, since we heavily depend on hierarchical relationship terms :)

    Thanks again in advance.

  • We'll work on it.

  • Awesome!

    Thanksalot! :D

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