providence multipart numbering duplicates

We recently had two people cataloging at the same time in a type that has multipart numbering set to give each a sequential number. Different records got the same identifer saved to it--I checked the logs and they happened to save the identifier fields for those records within the same two seconds. I checked in the sql backend and it looks like this happened once before where it was within the same second. Is this a bug or just too close in time to expect the database to register the duplicate identifiers?


  • It shouldn't matter if they both saved at the same time. Has this happened often? Or just the two times?

  • Just the two times.

  • In 1.8 we've reworked id numbering to prevent overlaps. The main issue with overlaps has been the reliance on sort results to generate the next in sequence. We're still doing that, but in a more reliable way.

    You issue sounds like a bug, but it's a bug that should be addressed in 1.8. For now, I'd recommend hand-correcting the overlapping number, and then updating to 1.8 when it's released, which at the rate we're going is likely to be this summer.

  • Thanks. If 1.8 is coming out this summer, I might just wait until to try upgrading again, I've still no luck with the reindexing for 1.7.10 or 11 with the reindexing including the full text from pdfs...

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