Data Importer is not importing organizations

Hello! I've been away from Collective Access for awhile due to the pandemic. Prior, we had a data import for objects that was working fine. However, now that I've returned it seems that it is not working properly. We are using the entity splitter to create relationships between objects and entities. When using the importer it will generate relationships for individuals without issue, but it will not do so for organizations.

For example if the spreadsheet had the entry "Doe, Jane; Whirl-i-gig; Jones, Tom" it would import Doe, Jane and Jones, Tom but would skip over Whirl-i-gig completely. I've double checked the organization records and they match with what is entered. It will skip every organization.

It was working prior to the pandemic so I'm not sure why it isn't anymore.

These are the entitysplitter codes:

{"relationshipType": "creator", "matchOn": ["labels", "surname", "forename"], "delimiter": ";", "dontCreate": "1"}

{"relationshipType": "subject", "matchOn": ["labels", "surname", "forename"], "delimiter": ";", "dontCreate": "1"}

Organizations are entered into our instance with the full org name in the "Surname/Organization" field as well as the display name field. Any help is appreciated!


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    Are you setting an entity type in your refinery configuration?

  • I don't have an entity type specified in the mapping. The settings for entities in the import are as follows:

    Rule type: Mapping

    Ca table.element: ca_entities

    Refinery: entitySplitter

    Refinery parameters: {"relationshipType": "creator", "matchOn": ["labels", "surname", "forename"], "delimiter": ";", "dontCreate": "1"}

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