No entity results

Hello everyone,

I'm unable to return any results when I browse by entity in Pawtucket. I click browse -> people/orgs -> new (8) but 0 results are returned.

I have disabled enforcing access control for entities and I have also reindexed my database as well as disabled out of process search indexing, but I am having no luck. Additionally, I have changed mysql max_packet_size to 256M. I do not see any option to toggle access on the Providence entity forms unlike the option there is for Objects. (All object and collection searches are fine.)

Does anyone have any advice or fixes?

Thank you.


  • I was able to resolve this issue by adding "accessible to public" form on my entity editor (which I would like to recommend be the default in the CollectiveAccess theme if possible in the future, for ease)

    To do this:

    Manage -> Administration -> User Interfaces -> Standard entity editor -> Screens -> Basic Info

    From the left "Available editor elements," move "Entity access" to the right "Elements to display on this screen."

    Hope this helps for anyone else who was having trouble with entities showing up!

  • I tried this, but still don't see any results. Did you also have to add a facet in browse.conf? I'm still getting 'No facets available' in Pawtucket.

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