Data import: freeze-like pause after importing importer worksheet (drag-n-drop)

When I add an importer mapping worksheet by drag-and-dropping it into the area in the "Importer List" page, it shows the progress bar going to 100% - and then stops.

Nothing happens.

The browser doesn't indicate that it's still doing/loading/waiting - and then suddenly (after like 3-5 seconds) the page refreshes and the imported worksheet appears in the list without problems.

What is causing this strange "pause" and would it be possible to give some clue that CA is still busy doing something? Me and my colleagues have pulled our hairs reverting and refreshing, not knowing what went wrong - until we accidentally just waited to see it was still active.

Oh, and it seems that it's not possible to import more than 1 worksheet at a time that way, although the text says "drag importer worksheets" (<-plural). Should it be possible to support drag-n-dropping more than one in one step?

Thanks in advance! :D


  • You can drag and drop more than one file. It terms of freezing, maybe it's erroring during the load of the worksheets. Check your logs and/or in your browser see what the XHR response from the browser is when you upload the file.

  • Thanks for the faster-than-lightning response!

    I'll try again with more than one file.

    About errors in the worksheets: No errors. The worksheets load and process fine. I'll double-check, but that's why I thought I'd ask since everything seems to be hunky-dory - after the silent pause.

  • I've been dragging 12 worksheets onto a system I'm working on repeatedly lately, so I know multiple uploads work. If you're dragging whole folders, some browsers have in the past had odd behavior in how they report the folder contents, but I don't think that's an issue with any current browser.

    If the XHR response includes non-JSON data in it (say from a PHP fatal error) it'll appear to hang the importer on the upload message. CA should not be generating these errors, but in the past that has been a cause of behavior similar to what you're describing. So let's find out.

  • Roger that! :)

    Then I'll also check the PHP error logs to see if there were any messages/warnings/errors in the XHR response.

    Thanks again.

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