Help needed importing RelationshipType list items

In order to import loads of terms for relationship types, I wanted to ask if anyone has a working import worksheet+data example for doing that?

We're going to use hierarchical lists.

Can I use a worksheet as basis that works for regular voc import?

I'm grateful for any input.


  • Is it generally possible to use CA's importer for importing Relationship Type terms?

  • There is no support in the importer for importing relationship types. The assumption is that these would be defined as part of the data schema and be relatively few in number, so no import would be necessary.

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    ooooooooooh..... O.O

    Now I have a very very very big problem: we have several listings, they all need to be imported into a running instance, and even if most of them have 5-15 terms, entering all of them manually in CA... - and some have hundreds of entries (hierarchical).

    Would it be possible to have Whirl-i-Gig add an importer module for relationships as a paid request?

  • I haven't checked the DB structure yet, but how tricky would it be to "translate" (*) an existing regular vocabulary list to a relationship type list?

    (*) meaning: write code to do that.

  • We can add relationship type import support. Please create a JIRA for it and provide some test data.

    Regarding "translating" a list into relationship types, they're totally different things in the database so there's no magic way to do it. It would not be hard to write a script to do this though.

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