Exporting data from related list items

Hello, I am using a display created in "My displays" in Providence to export object data from search/browse results. We have some data stored as relationships with Collection item types or List Items item types (i.e. 'related collections', 'related vocabulary terms'). Thus, the data is exported as an HTML-formatted link:

<a href="/index.php/administrate/setup/list_item_editor/ListItemEditor/Edit/item_id/278/rel/1">Auto racing</a> (Genre)

(in the above example, '(Genre)' is the name of the 'object => related vocabulary term' relationship type)

Is it possible format the display such that only the value is exported (such that in the above example, only 'Auto racing' would be exported), without the <a> link formatting? We are using Providence 1.7.11.

Thank you in advance!


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