How to handle changes in app/conf when updating

Hi there,

i am updating from 1.7.8 to 1.7.11

I have modified files in my app/conf folder and now i wonder if it is safe to overwrite the conf folder of 1.7.11 with the one from 1.7.8?

and for the future: what is the correct way to modify conf files? should I copy them first into /app/conf/local before modifying any settings? Does e.g. a file /app/conf/local/app.conf overrule /app/conf/app.conf?

Thanks in advance!!


  • I can answer this: The best practice is to put your modified files in /app/conf/local. the /local file will override the default .conf file's setting by setting.

    Also if you have modified/custom print templates, it is easer to maintain them for upgrading by putting them in /themes/your_theme/printTemplates/template_type, instead of /app/printTemplates/template_type/local

    There is also /themes/default/css/local.css

    (someone correct me if I am wrong)

  • In answer to your second question:

    You can use a partial conf file in your local folder. It only needs the changes you make compared to the file in app/conf.

    This also makes it easier to handle changes in the original conf file in updates. If you did not change them they woiuld be taken from the updated original.

    I (try to) make a habit of commenting the changes so i know what I changed, and why.

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