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First off, I apologize if this is a stupid question -- I'm a complete newbie who has inherited the maintenance responsibilities of a small college's existing Collective Access server (Pawtucket2 version 1.7.7).

Unfortunately, the server is not healthy. A quick look confirms my suspicion that the hard drive space on the server has been used up. The media volume's directory takes up a full TB of space. The main culprit appears to be the images directory, which takes up 866GB.


The cloud server this runs on supports block storage volumes of size 1TB max. So if I want to add storage, I must do so by mounting a separate 1TB volumes. Is it possible to store "images" media across multiple volumes? I see that the contents of this directory appears to be a series of numbered directories with space allocated fairly evenly.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you have.



  • Hi Matt,

    Yes, you can span multiple disks. There are a few of ways to do it:

    1. Since files are numbered sequentially and those directories are based upon those sequential numbers you can potentially partition data by moving some numbered directories to the new storage volume and them symlink them to their original locations. This arrangement is a bit inelegant, but should require no mucking with configuration.
    2. You can relocate various media type directories (Eg. "images/", "quicktime/", "mp3/" etc.) to different drives by editing the app/conf/media_volumes.conf configuration file. This would only buy you so much space though, as "images/" would still be on a single volume.
    3. You can start a new volume for images. This means a fair amount of reconfiguration though. The stock files aren't set up for it.

    You can mix all of these approaches freely. They are not mutually exclusive.


  • Thanks Seth,

    Symlinking was what I had in mind as well. Moving images/ in its entirety won't really solve our problem because it would only free up 144GB--I really need to split that folder across multiple volumes. I'll go ahead and attempt this. Thanks again; I appreciate your response!


  • Let me know if you need help. Erica writes to me about this stuff too :-)

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