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I installed providence 1.7.9 and when I select MANAGE -> My Preferences and select for the user interface Español(España) ... So the NEW menu include the option "Event" ... this option always is "Event", no matter if I select any other language in user interface !!! I tried all languages and the same.

  • I tried to clear caches using "bin/caUtils clear-cache" and no changes
  • I tried to edit (using Poedit) the "locale/es_ES/messages.po" and no changes
  • I tried to edit "locale/es_MX/messages.po" too and no changes
  • I tried to add "locale/user/es_MX/messages.po" and no changes
  • I tried to add "locale/user/es_ES/messages.po" and no changes

NOTE: Always I cleared the caches after made any change to locale files.

Any idea that what is that and any way to solve this issue???

Attached you can see three snapshots that you can view this issue

NOTE 2: I selected the ISAD-G profile for this installation .

Thanks for advance

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  • I guess, that "Event" is defined in the installation profile, and editable through Manage >Lists & vocabularies (and then probably in list occurrence_types )

  • Hoo!! that's correct! thanks, anyway ... how works the search function there? can I find vocabularies by your definition? if I put "event" the result is ... found 0 list/vocabulary terms

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  • Have you tried to hierarchy viewer? It should be under occurrences_types

  • In my installation (1.4 updated (in test) to 1.7.11) it looks somewhat clumsy, buut we have had problems with lists/dictionary items before (lost type id value prevented us to edit/add items, the only cure was direct MySql editing.)

    I have tried it at, and there, it works much better.

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