Newbie - Importer List Skipped Upload


First of all, I am very new to CA and am trying to learn the software so I can share with my colleagues. We had a contractor set up the server for us.

I am having trouble uploading an importer list and I suspect it's user error. It "skips" the upload. I would include a screengrab, but the error goes away quite quickly.

We are using out-of-the-box CDWA-Lite and I have spent a few hours trying to troubleshoot. I read the Data Import: Creating and Running a Mapping web page before attempting to upload the doc and I've cross-referenced the Metadata Elements section of the Admin area to try and clean up my coding, but I'm obviously dropping the ball somewhere. I have also downloaded a few CDWA PDFS thinking they would shed some light on my errors, but I'm at a loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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