What Does the Duplicate Configuration Option Do?

I am completely new to Collective Access and trying to learn the system, not as an end user but as someone who would be configuring it. What does the duplicate configuration option do? Does it allow duplicates, like the reverse of setting a unique requirement? Or does it cause duplicates of whatever is selected to be created? If so, to what purpose? Or does it do something else, and why?



  • Hi,

    Imagine that you have a series of objects, very near from each others. Once you created the first one, you can save time for others by duplicating the first, and just change some informations.

    In order to choose which metadata and relatioships are duplicated from the first object, you can custom these in MANAGE, My preferences, DUPLICATION, OBJECTS (for example).

    You can custom duplication behavior for each kind of ressource (places, entities, storage locations...).

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