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For now I have created 2 users. One is administrator (with all the admin permissions) and another one is user (with predefined 'researcher' permissions). I'm using CollectiveAccess Providence with archival ISAD(G) installation profile.

The problem that I have is that when browsing or searching with 'user' (researcher) profile, I get the results of the search, but when I click on object, I get only the bare-bone summary info about the object (OBJECT IDENTIFIER + NAME). What I need for researcher profile is to be able to browse all the information about the object (CONTEXT, STRUCTURE, ALLIED MATERIAL ETC.) Where can I define that? When I click on the object as a administrator, I can see and edit all the information.

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  • Hi vedran,

    To custom the SUMMARY section, go to MANAGE, My displays, and create a New display for Object. Name it for example "Object summary". In the "LIST" section, add all metadata that you would like to see in the SUMMARY section. Save.

    Then go back to an object record, go to SUMMARY, and in the upper right menu "Display:" choose "Object summery". Save. That's it.

  • To custom control access to actions and metadata, go to MANAGE menu, Access control, ACCESS ROLES, and create new or edit existing profile, for example "Researcher". You have 3 parts: Actions, Metadata and Pawtucket. Check/Uncheck as you like for this profile. Save.

    Then go to MANAGE menu, Access control, USER LOGINS, and choose the user for which you want to assign a role. In "Roles" part, choose the right one. You can also choose and combine multiple roles for this user. Save. That's it.

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    Tnx, found it!

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