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Just one newbie question. I started a translation on Transifex but some strings are missing there, probably could be translated through MANAGE -> LISTS AND VOCABULARIES but I wat to make sure that I'm not doing anything wrong. I attached a file with a red rectangle around some parts of the screenshot of the interface that I need to translate, and could not be found in Transifex messages.pot. Where that part of the program can be translated, can it be saved for some future translations or updates etc. The interface I'm talking about is ISAD(G) installation profile.

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  • I've found some strings in isad_g.xml but I'm not sure is it ok to edit that file and if it is OK, what kind of syntax could I use, e.g. if I use

    <label locale="en_US">

    <name>Context and Structure</name>


    can I put after that

    <label locale="hr_HR">

    <name>Kontekst i struktura</name> #That is the same as above but in Croatian language


  • Yes, you can repeat the label for each locale.

  • The profiles directory includes an XML schema (profile.xsd) that you can use to validate your profile changes.

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    When I translate some terms in isad_g.xml what I have to do to make it visible in the interface?

  • Found, tnx

    best regards


  • One more question regarding this topic, when I export configuration in XML (MANAGE -> MAINTENANCE -> EXPORT CONFIGURATION), can I use that xml by simply copying it in folder with other profiles, or I have to overwrite some existing profile (e.g. isad_g.xml)? Do I get automatically new profile option during install or do I have to tweak some other option?

  • You will automatically get a new option. You should be sure to change the content within the <profileName> tags at the top of the profile to something you can easily recognize. That value is what appears in the profile list drop-down.

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