Incorrect display of related objects in occurrences details view


In the occurrences detail view, the related objects appear at the bottom as a box with a picture. This is a really great feature for exhibitions. My problem is this: despite clearing the cache several times and rebuilding the search index, not only objects related to the Occurence appear, but also some without any relationship. For verification I have counted the objects that are actually in relation to the occurrences (^ca_objects._count).

This issue appears after upgrading pawtucket2-1.7.11 from pawtucket2-1.7.8.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?

Thank you very much in advance!



  • Hi,

    have you tried to reconstruct indexes ?

  • As described, I have run caUtils rebuild-search-index several times without success.

  • Make sure your search_indexing.conf file has object_id indexed on occurrences. Because indexing is happening on the back-end, when data in entered, the config that really matters is the back-end one, even though this issue is on the front-end.

    If you want to post your search_indexing.conf file here (or email it to me at I can show you where to add the relevant configuration (assuming it's not there already, in which case we have a different problem).

  • Thanks a lot!

    attached is the search_indexing.conf file from the back-end.

  • The indexing is there and looks ok. The search is selective so it's finding these records for a reason. Do you have these occurrences and/or objects arranged in hierarchies?

  • There are objects that are arranged in hierarchies. But the issue does not appear only with the objects that are arranged in hierarchies.

  • Do you have relationships established between occurrences?

  • Yes, there are relationships between occurrences, furthermore to objects, to entities with locations and to collections.

  • Can I see the data for this system? Either sa database dump or temporary access to the server. There are several reasons this might be happening, some of which are not bugs (traversing relationships to expand search results in a variety of ways is a feature, until it's not).

  • Thanks for sending the data. Loading your data in a stock version of Pawtucket 1.7.11 using the default theme I see 9 objects for that occurrence, all of which are correct. This implies it's specific to your theme and configuration. I'd take a closer look at your theme, and specifically the code that's loading related objects. My guess is a change was made that's modifying how those objects are being pulled.

  • Thanks for your persistence on this. As far as I understand, I did not change the code that loads related objects in ca_occurrences_default_html.php. Did I miss anything?

  • The view looks fine. Running it with current Pawtucket release code and your data returns the correct set of related objects. I really can't tell you why it's misbehaving on your install, other than you have additional settings in your theme that I don't have and that are causing problems. I'd try switch to the default theme, load the same page and see if it loads the correct set. If it does that's a pretty strong indication that the issue is in your theme.

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