PDF Viewer not working

Hil CollectiveAccess Community:

I am having trouble with the visualization of PDF files, running CA version 1.7.11

I think I have correctly installed PDF viewes. See picture 1.

When I access a PDF file, it only displays a generic icon, but no PDF file. See picture 2.

On the format, it states "Binary file". See picture 3.

Am I missing any configuration ?

Thanks for your time.



1.png 71.7K
2.png 52.9K
3.png 45.8K
779 x 743 - 72K
1044 x 723 - 53K
1010 x 407 - 46K


  • Do you have xpdf or poppler installed on your server? xpdf or poppler (specifically the pdfinfo command line application that is part of both) will be used to identify incoming PDFs. GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick will be used to try to identify the file as well, if installed.

    If you have none of these, the PHP-based ZendPDF library can still be used, but it's not 100% effective, often slow and can use a lot of memory. It is disabled by default for these reasons. You can enable it by setting dont_use_zendpdf_to_identify_pdfs = 1 in app.conf.

    It looks like CA is not identifying the PDF as a PDF, so try to make sure at least one of these is installed and enabled.

  • Thank you very much for your quick response Seth!

    I installed both XPDF and Poppler and when I uploaded a new PDF, the preview was visible. 😀



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