Pawtucket2 Image Overlay Issues

I have read several support forum posts on this same topic but still have had no luck rectifying it. When clicking on an image in Pawtucket the overlay loads but no image shows up, it's just blank [see screenshot]. I have tried reprocessing media, updating the IIIFController.php file in Pawtucket, changing the viewer to TileViewer, UniversalViewer, and Mirador in the media_display.conf file in our theme and reprocessed after each change. Nothing seems to have an impact. The overlay works just fine in Providence, we only have an issue in Pawtucket.

We are running on a Centos 7 server, Providence version 1.7.11, Pawtucket2, with an ISAD(G) installation profile. The issue is occurring in both firefox and chrome.

Here are the relevant snippets from our media_display.conf file in our theme:

detail = {                                                                                                                     

images = {                                                                                                                     

mimetypes = {image/jpeg, image/tiff, image/png, image/x-dcraw, image/x-psd, image/x-dpx, image/jp2, ima$              

display_version = large,                                                                                               

alt_display_version = medium,                                                                                          

viewer_width = 100%, viewer_height = 100%,                                                                             

no_overlay = 0,                                                                                                        

use_universal_viewer_for_image_list_length_at_least = 12,                                                      

download_version = original,                                                                                                                                       

viewer = TileViewer                                                                                            }, 

media_overlay = {                                                                                                              

images = {                                                                                                                     

mimetypes = {image/gif, image/jpeg, image/tiff, image/png, image/x-dcraw, image/x-psd, image/x-dpx, ima$               

display_version = tilepic,                                                                                             

alt_display_version = large,                                                                                           

viewer_width = 100%, viewer_height = 100%,                                                                             

download_version = original,                                                                                                                              

viewer = TileViewer,                                                                                                   

use_universal_viewer_for_image_list_length_at_least = 4                                                        },    

We'd really like to get this rectified. At this point I don't care what viewer we use as long as it works.



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  • Can you share a link to the site so I can see the behavior for myself?

  • Unfortunately IT has our ports closed until the site is ready for launch, so there's no public link to share.

  • Could you send me your theme then? As a zip file to

  • we can see the image but it never completes the clean up

    cleans up the image above the yellow line and stops

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  • Just wanted to check in on this after sending you the zip file last week Seth. Do you know what's causing the overlay issue?

  • I have not had time to look at it.

  • As an addendum to this the image overlay is now working after reprocessing again. I have no idea what the issue was or what resolved it as nothing was changed from the media_display.conf file snippets that I included in my original post. Unfortunately, we are now not able to load PDFs properly with either TileViewer, UniversalViewer, or Mirador. I'm not sure why as they were loading just fine when we were having the image overlay issues. With TileViewer the thumbnail appears fine, but upon opening the viewer we're getting the "unable to load tilesource" error that we're also seeing in UniversalViewer. I have included screenshots for reference. Mirador is pretty seriously glitching, as can be seen in the screenshot, so it's unclear what exactly is the issue here.

    Here is what we have in the media_display.conf file for PDFs

    detail = { pdf = { mimetypes = {application/pdf}, display_version = tilepic, alt_display_version = mediumlarge, width = 400, height = 400, download_version = original, no_overlay = 0, viewer = TileViewer },  }, 

    media_overlay = { pdf = { mimetypes = {application/pdf}, display_version = tilepic, alt_display_version = mediumlarge, width = 100%, height = 100%, download_version = original, viewer = UniversalViewer },

    download = { pdf = { mimetypes = {application/pdf}, download_version = original, viewer = UniversalViewer },

    Thanks in advance.

  • Have you changed media_processing.conf at all?

  • No I haven't. I even replaced it with what was in github and reprocessed everything and am still having the same issue with the PDFs.

  • I've updated Providence and Pawtucket to 1.7.12, reprocessed everything, and we're still having the same issue with the PDF viewer. We no longer have media_display.conf or media_processing.conf files in our theme so that can't be causing the issue. The only other thing I can think of that could be causing a problem is that our providence and pawtucket instances are on different servers. Everything gets ingested and processed on the back-end providence server and then replicated to the front-end pawtucket server.

  • Here's the console error I'm seeing:

    No TileSource was able to open undefined [object Object] openseadragon.js:11361:15



  • Make sure all of the media files are present on the front-end server, including the "tilepics" directory within your media directory.

  • The tilepics directory is showing up in our media directory. I set the permissions recursively for the directory again and that seemed to fix the tilesource error for really small PDFs that only have a few pages but all the rest are still showing the same error.

  • We still need to fix this issue unfortunately. PDFs larger than a few pages aren't working at all and if you click on the zoom button on any PDF file we get the issue pictured in the screenshot. Any guidance?

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