Pawtucket2 Image Overlay Issues

I have read several support forum posts on this same topic but still have had no luck rectifying it. When clicking on an image in Pawtucket the overlay loads but no image shows up, it's just blank [see screenshot]. I have tried reprocessing media, updating the IIIFController.php file in Pawtucket, changing the viewer to TileViewer, UniversalViewer, and Mirador in the media_display.conf file in our theme and reprocessed after each change. Nothing seems to have an impact. The overlay works just fine in Providence, we only have an issue in Pawtucket.

We are running on a Centos 7 server, Providence version 1.7.11, Pawtucket2, with an ISAD(G) installation profile. The issue is occurring in both firefox and chrome.

Here are the relevant snippets from our media_display.conf file in our theme:

detail = {                                                                                                                     

images = {                                                                                                                     

mimetypes = {image/jpeg, image/tiff, image/png, image/x-dcraw, image/x-psd, image/x-dpx, image/jp2, ima$              

display_version = large,                                                                                               

alt_display_version = medium,                                                                                          

viewer_width = 100%, viewer_height = 100%,                                                                             

no_overlay = 0,                                                                                                        

use_universal_viewer_for_image_list_length_at_least = 12,                                                      

download_version = original,                                                                                                                                       

viewer = TileViewer                                                                                            }, 

media_overlay = {                                                                                                              

images = {                                                                                                                     

mimetypes = {image/gif, image/jpeg, image/tiff, image/png, image/x-dcraw, image/x-psd, image/x-dpx, ima$               

display_version = tilepic,                                                                                             

alt_display_version = large,                                                                                           

viewer_width = 100%, viewer_height = 100%,                                                                             

download_version = original,                                                                                                                              

viewer = TileViewer,                                                                                                   

use_universal_viewer_for_image_list_length_at_least = 4                                                        },    

We'd really like to get this rectified. At this point I don't care what viewer we use as long as it works.



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