Mapping Delimiter Issues

Hi All!

I’ve spent the past few days creating a map for importing a catalogue on excel into Collective Access. I’ve been attempting to link several attributes to the entity records but am having issues with the delimiter function. There are several issues that appear to be happening in relation to this:

1.      When I set the delimiter as “delimiter”: ”;” I always encounter an issue with the mapping sheet skipping during upload. Yet, when I set the delimiter as “delimiter”: “||” there are no uploading errors.

2.      Because the delimiter is not uploading, the attribute I’m mapping does not separate the data within the cell, which is currently separated via the semi-colon

3.      The mapping sheet is currently set to merge records using this line merge_on_idno_with_replace. Is there a way, however, to do a merge of entity record attributes? When I do test imports, the nationality attributes always duplicate if I have multiple records of that artist. From what I’ve read, it seems I can only merge at the idno but I may have missed something.

I’ve attached the mapping sheet in its current form, I appreciate any advice or tips!

Thank you


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