Hello everyone!

I am volunteering at a small town museum, to catalogue their collection from excel to a better cataloguing system. Collective Access is just what we need. I have used many software programs but due to the nature of this one, I'm a bit stuck. I have some knowledge of coding but not enough for my question. Our I.T. guy is very young and not familiar with this sort of instalation either.

So my question is, can you change the object list, e.g. document, drawing, film and media etc, to a custom list e.g. glass, ceramic, clothing, farm equipment etc. The other thing I need to do is have a field called, value, I am thinking it might be the purchase price? We have mostly donations so we need a value field.

I have tried to find this information but have had no luck. I thought maybe things should be assessioned as donatiuon, gift, purchase etc. but there is no value field in there as well.

Also is there a manual for entering data and the meaning of the data field names? I found data dictionary but it says it is to come.

Any info or guidance would be so greatly appreciated.

Cheers Nev 😀


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