Place hierarchies list


By mistake I deleted the list item that depends on place_hierarchies and I can't re-generate it from "Lists and vocabularies", it gives me a 500 error ... how could I fix this?




  • As I understand based on the documentation, I deleted the root term for places. How can I re-create it, since it doesn't allow me to do it from the Providence GUI?

  • Try deleting the list and recreating it.

  • Hello Seth,

    I tried to do this that you recommended but the error 500 persists.

    Then I tried this:

    1. I generated a new list "place_hierarchies2"

    2. I generated the list element "places", dependent on this list

    3. I deleted the list "place_hierarchies"

    4. I renamed the list "place_hierarchies2" to "place_hierarchies"

    5. This list contains the list element "places"

    When trying to create a new place, I no longer get the 500 error, but this other one appears:"Errors occurred when trying to access .../index.php/editor/places/PlaceEditor/Edit/place_id/425: Invalid item id"

    Now? Thanks for your help.


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