Configured Displays: There, but gone from "My Displays"

I've created and used displays in this instance - but for some unknown reason, when I open "My Displays" now - the list is empty and says: "No displays lists have been configured"

But the displays I've added/configured in the past show up in the corresponding data types, but I cannot edit/configure them anymore.

Any idea what's happening here?


  • The creator of the display is the owner and can edit. Read and edit access can be granted to other users and groups on a per-display basis. If you created the missing displays and they're no longer editable by you then my first guesses would be (1) you are using an account different from the one you created the displays with or (2) ownership of the displays has been changed.

  • (2) The ownership of the displays has been changed:

    But not intentionally, but merely by setting up a new instance and importing the defined profile XML.

    I've checked in the XML file right now: It seems that any author/ownership information of the displays does not survive profile Export+Import.

    Any way I can get them back to be able to edit them again? (I don't want to have to re-do my work again and again and again, as I'm already tired of doing so every 2nd day in CA...)

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    Any display created by a profile will have administrator ownership. Only displays marked as "system" (assuming configuration_export_only_system_displays = 1 in app.conf, which it is by default) will be included in the profile. It is usually desirable to exclude user displays from a running system in a profile, as they're typically ephemeral. The assumption is that system displays are more durable, but are managed by the admin.

    We could add an option to the configuration exporter to assign displays to some other user, or preserve ownership, but this would assume that logins are also included in the profile, and they often are not (for good reason).

    For your immediate issue I'd recommend declaring user-specific access for them by logging into the system as the administrator.

  • Thanks.

    It would be great to have this information in the documentation:

    Since we have more than 1 admin user on our installation, we don't use the "administrator" account, but individual ones (with admin rights). Of course it makes sense to have system-wide displays handled by admin, but I was unaware that the "administrator" account has to be it.

    Thanks for clearing it up.

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