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I am trying to wrap my mind around place_hierarchy lists. I am having two issues:

1) By default (at least with DC as underlying template), there is a list "DC Coverage Authority" under place_hierarchies. Unfortunately, I am entirely unsure as to how to use this list. At some point I must have been able to add concepts to this list as they show up in the "Related Placed" box under Relationships. However, they do not show up in the browser hierarchy and it is unclear to me how to add to this hierarchy. So, either I do not understand how this hierarchy is used or there is a bug.

2) As a way around this, I decided to create a places hierarchy of my own (I guess that would be a CA-internal list) as a sibling to the DC Coverage Authority list. This works fine in the hierarchy browser. However, when I now go to the "Related Places" box for an item, every element of my hierarchy is displayed on the root level. In other words, there is no hierarchical organization. Yet, whereas the label "DC Coverage Authority" shows up in that same list, the label for my list does not show up at all. Again, am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

BTW, I am on 2.7.11 with PHP 7.4 (FastCGI).




  • OK, I figured out how to use the dc Coverage Authority. Still unclear on why it is set up the way it is.



  • CA can support one or more named place hierarchies. For the DublinCore profile, one hierarchy is configured by default, the "DC Coverage Authority" you have seen. You can add places under "DC Coverage Authority" for use as a controlled place name list when cataloging. To add your own hierarchy (or hierarchies) add entries with the names of your hierarchies to the "Place hierarchies" list in Manage => Lists & Vocabularies.

    I'm not sure why your place list is showing in the root level without hierarchical nesting in Related Places. Did you create an entry for your hierarchy in the "Place Hierachies" list? Or did you do something else for your custom hierarchy?

  • Hi Seth,

    Yes, I created a list under Place Hierarchies, i.e as a "sibling" to "DC Coverage Authority". However, when I tried to create the list again after deleting it, the system would not let me anymore. Something odd is going on.

    The other thing is that when I go to "DC Coverage Authority" through Manage>Lists & Vocabularies, it shows up as empty. This is in spite of the fact that I was able to create a hierarchy under that same list through New>Place. Maybe "Place" should be more like "Storage Location" and not be in the overall hierarchy at all. But then I can see that whereas you probably never want more than one storage location list, you very well might want more than one type of place hierarchy.


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