String is truncated after less-than sign

I wanted to post this directly on the bug tracker, but this apparently does not work without having access rights. Is there a way to post a bug directly there?

When saving a value that contains a less-than sign directly followed by a character, the part starting with the less-than sign is deleted. E.g.

abc def <ghi jkl

will be stored as

abc def 

This can be reproduced on

  • New -> Object -> Archival Item
  • Enter abc def <ghi jkl in field Title
  • Click Save
  • Title field reads abc def


  • CA uses HTMLPurifier to filter all input by default. It is deciding that your stray "<" could be part of an XSS attack and is removing what it considers problematic. You can read about HTMLPurifier here. To disable filtering set purify_all_text_input = 0 in app.conf.

    JIRA authentication has been problematic since we moved to the cloud version. Earlier this week we decided to transition to GitHub Issues (arguably this should have happened years ago). Please post bug reports on GitHub Issues (

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