Fatal Error on entity relationship screen

Ver. 1.7.11, linux/apache

When I try to look at the relationships screen of a user interface, I get this error. It was working before I upgraded from 1.7.9 to 1.7.11 -- any suggestions? Thanks for your time, Mark

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'ca_entities' not found in /home/oadarchi/staff.oadarchives.org/app/lib/BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes.php:3062 Stack trace: #0 /home/oadarchi/staff.oadarchives.org/app/lib/BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes.php(1627): BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes->getRelatedListHTMLFormBundle(Object(RequestHTTP), 'ca_entities_rel...', 'ObjectEditorFor...', 'P420', Array, Array) #1 /home/oadarchi/staff.oadarchives.org/app/lib/BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes.php(2584): BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes->getBundleFormHTML('ca_entities_rel...', 'P420', Array, Array, NULL) #2 /home/oadarchi/staff.oadarchives.org/themes/default/views/editor/objects/screen_html.php(59): BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes->getBundleFormHTMLForScreen('Screen103', Array, Array) #3 /home/oadarchi/staff.oadarchives.org/app/lib/View.php(329): require('/home/oadarchi/...') #4 /home/oadarchi/staff.oadarchives.org/app/lib/View.php(297): View->_render('/home/oadarchi/...') #5 /home in /home/oadarchi/staff.oadarchives.org/app/lib/BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes.php on line 3062


  • Sorry, I see what has happened. The related entities field was changed to related entities list, and that caused the failure with the data call.

  • Hmm, well it's still an error. We'll investigate.

  • Many thanks for your response, Seth.

    This occurs when I remove the regular Object Entities bundle and replace it with Object Entities List bundle. I can create a UI with either bundle and it works fine. But I cannot swap them out without receiving the above fatal error. So I now have both on my UI displays.

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