Images don't display in PawTucket2

I'm new to Collective Acces and trying to work my way through getting it running.

I have Providence and Pawtucket2 running. I've created a few collectionas and added a few objects. I've successfully imported an image and attached it to one of my objects. If I look at the database in SQLDeveloper, I can see the object and the related image.

However, the image is never displayed in either Providence or PawTucket. All I see is the icon (see attached.)

I've updated global.conf and external_applications.cong as best I can but can't get the images to display. I've attached these files

I've brought the whole application up under Eclipse and put break points at each function in mediaPluginHelpers.php but none of these functions every get called. I don't know if the should or not.


  • Does the image show on the back-end (Providence)?

  • No. The image does not show in Providence either.

  • And that record is an image or a PDF? Because that generic icon is used for PDFs when the software required to generate preview images (Ghostscript) is not available.

  • The record is definitely a jpg. I can download it from Collective Access and it will display fine with the Windows photo viewer. Ghostscript is installed as is GraphicksMagic and both seem to work fine outside of CA. I used PawTucket to generate a PDF for the object and that worked accepted that the image appeared as just a rectangle with an X through it in the pdf.

  • Given the complete lack of support that I've received here and the fact that the code is completely void of any useful comments and is NOT debuggable, I am abandoning Collective Access and recommending to my customer that we take a different approach.

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