Customizing Pawtucket Browse php file

Hi All,

First time posting on this forum — I've been tinkering away on customizing our Pawtucket to suit our needs and have hit a wall with a minor question. (The code's attached)

In the "Browse" > "Objects" we'd like our results to display the Entity that is the "Artist" relationship.

Elsewhere in Pawtucket we've been able to use the <unit>

ex: {{{<unit relativeTo="ca_objects_x_entities" delimiter="</br>"><unit relativeTo="ca_entities" restrictToRelationshipTypes="artist"><l>^ca_entities.preferred_labels</l></unit></unit>}}}

but with the browse_results_images_html.php it doesn't seem to like these

when we tried:

$vs_artist_detail_link = caDetailLink($this->request, $qr_res->get("ca_entities.preferred_labels.displayname"), '', $vs_table, $vn_id);

it worked but I was unable to restrict the results to the "Artist" relationship

Hope I'm posting in the right place :-)


  • Hi All,

    We found a solution to this – it might be helpful for other users.

    to restrict entities to the relationship type="artist" use the following:

    $vs_artist_detail_link = caDetailLink($this->request, $qr_res->get("ca_entities.preferred_labels.displayname", array("restrictToRelationshipTypes" => array("artist"))), '', $vs_table, $vn_id);


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