Links to other data entries in summary point to wrong target

In the summary screen, related entries have an underlying html link (which is nice), but these links do not point to their targets, but just open the same entry that is already open.

Links all seem to point at the same target.

They look like this:

However, the links to the same targets in the relationship screen work.

The working links look like this:

Any idea what is happening here?


  • Make sure the template with the <l></l> tags that generate the links are evaluated relative to the entity record. You may have them in a <unit> that is relative to the object. The <l> tags will generate a link to whatever the context of the template is which is convenient (you don't need to think about how the link is constructed, and it'll go to detail pages in Pawtucket and the editing interface in Providence) but does require some care in placement.

  • I never edited any template.

    This is upstream out-of-the-box code.

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    Ok, this is new to me then. Where is this happening exactly? Which summary – the displays used by the summary are sometimes defined in the profile (as you are doing I think).

  • I've created very basic summary displays, nothing special: The link issue happens with any relationship display elements (built-in ones).

  • Hmm, on my test server they're all pointing to relevant records. It's not using the default template though. Do your summaries define display templates?

  • Thanks for finding this. The defaults for related bundles in displays don't define units. This works for search/browse results, but is a problem for summaries if you're not defining your own templates.

    A fix is pushed to develop. The issue is here:

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