Creating a New Collection

Dear all,

I am just new users of C/A software. Just trying to create a New Collection on our web. I will be so much happy if anyone let me know how to create a new collection. Or Are there any tutorial available for that one?

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  • That screen shot is from the public web site component ("Pawtucket"). It only displays data. You can't create collection-level records there. Try installing Providence, the back-end cataloguing software, and create records in that interface, making the ones you want to see in Pawtucket as public.

  • Thank you so much for your reply.

    Yes we would like to create some collection Theme in the Pawtucket. We could not find any possible way to create it.

    We already installed providence, cataloguing software. However, we could not create it.


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  • Hi,

    In Providence, go to NEW, COLLECTION.

    There, give a title for the collection, write a description, then save. In ADMIN, don't forget to change the status to accessible to public. Save.

    Create a NEW, OBJECT, with a title, and create a relation to the collection. Make it accessible to public.

    Then go to Pawtucket web site and try to find the object or the collection. Sometime, you need to delete all temporary files in the app/cache directory of Pawtucket.

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