Inconsistent handling of duplicate entries (container)

I know this may sound strange, but we need to add identical data entries in a repeating container. There is a "allow duplicate values" option for MD-elements, but their description sounds like it's only for non-containers.

However, the weird thing is that:

1) When I click on the "add..." button and create 2 (or more) identical entries in the same edit/save run: I can save duplicates without a problem.

2) But when I try to add a new data entry later on, it's silently not saved. No warning. No error message.

I understand that usually people are happy if duplicates are avoided, but this is neither-nor - and would there be a way to enable it, since it seems possible?


  • Furthermore: When adding duplicate entries over the web API, the API returns "ok" (but also silently drops the commit) - which caused issues for us, since we only later found out that the entries where never saved.

  • The duplication check only checks existing values against what you're trying to save. If you add the same value twice in a single save transaction it'll save both because neither exist until the transaction is complete. Once they're saved additional dupes will be ignored without error. This is intentional – the value now exists and ignoring dupes quietly is desirable for most users.

    We will correct the behavior to ignore dupes within a single transaction. It's not an issue for 99% of users, but it's definitely not consistent behavior. We will also add a container-level option to allow disabling of duplicate checking.

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