Multisearch and Search have different results

When I do a multisearch I will get results for storage locations that are not found when searching just storage locations. i.e I search for a term in the search box. I get multisearch results, including storage locations. I select "full results" for storage locations, and there are 0 results returned.

Multisearch for objects, events, etc seem to works fine, but not storage locations.

Any idea where I should start looking?



  • I should add, that this doesn't seem to be consistent. Maybe it is an indexing issue? Some searched terms seem to return identical results for the multi vs simple search. Some terms not.....

  • Is this one the front-end or back-end. And are you using 1.7 or the develop branch code?

  • OK, I'm back.

    Is there a quick way to tell the version of Pawtucket2?

    The multisearch is on the frontend (PAWT) . I added support to our theme to search for Archive Locations (storage_locations) by searching the storage location’s title and descriptions.

    Eventually I want to figure out how to include the contents and their descriptions of the location within the search.


    Anyway, our theme is a long evolved modified default theme that has been continuously undated. I intergraded….or attempted to, the storage_location access in PAW2.

    I believe I have similar results in the backend (prov) in both GIT and Master-Fix…..but I will need to test this all again before I continue. I’m pulling from GIT today and will report standby until then

  • What are the values in app/version.php?

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