Show full collection hierarchy on object display

Pawtucket 1.7.9 on Linux/Apache

I am trying display the full collection hierarchy with drawings and photographs. I've tried putting:

{{{<unit relativeTo="ca_collections.hierarchy"><l>^ (^ca_objects.idno)</l></unit>}}}

All I can get to work is

               {{{<unit relativeTo="ca_collections" delimiter="<br/>"><l>^</l></unit><ifcount min="1" code="ca_collections"> ➔ </ifcount>}}}{{{^ca_objects.arch_draw_title_block.arch_draw_format_text}}}</H4>

which doesn't show the hierarchy.

I string searched the whole installation looking for this, but nothing.

ca_collections_hierarchy_summary_show_full_object_hierarachy = 0

Tried it in app.conf, etc., but no joy. I'm sure it's something small I can't see. Can someone help me out, please?




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