Advanced Search Questions


I'm carrying out some work in our database that requires narrowing down search results. In the Advanced Search two things have arisen:

-When I add the public access field and search with the option 'No Public Access' only 10 results show up, but searching without a selection in the field shows thousands that list 'No Public Access' in the access column of the results.

-I'd like to search by if a record has a media representation or not, rather than sorting the results. There doesn't seem to be a way to add this to the Advanced Search. is it possible?

If anyone has some suggestions it would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • You'll need to make sure the "access" field is actually indexed for search. It should be, but that can be changed. You could also index it to allow searching on the number of related records (representations in this case), but that requires some changes to search_indexing.conf.

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