search indexing stopped / full ca_search_indexing_queue


Currently on 1.7.11, using SQLSearch, on shared servers. Search indexing stopped working in April - no idea what changed. My ca_search_indexing_queue table is now 5GB, the size of the rest of the database. 

I've tried a few different things. I've cleared the lock file and disabled out of process indexing. Tried both the default search_indexing.conf and a limited version. When I try caUtils process-indexing-queue, there's no output beyond the '(c) 2013-2019 Whirl-I-Gig' header. We are on shared servers and I'm not finding any error reports from PHP or my attempts to index. Since I re-enabled out of process indexing with default settings, some new entities and places were indexed, but no other tables or new records from the past week.

When I had to re-index before, I loaded a copy of the database locally to do it due to some kind of connection time-out on the shared server that we couldn't figure out how to work around at the time. I was going to try re-indexing on my computer next, but when I try to load the database it stops at 'ERROR 1114 (HY000) at line 12443: The table 'ca_search_indexing_queue' is full.'  

I don't want to try re-indexing on the shared server again if it will time out and leave me without an index or a working local copy. Thoughts? Would emptying the full 'ca_search_indexing_queue' table on the server be a bad idea?

Thanks very much!

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