Handed CA and never used it before. How to attach image media to records- no idea where to begin

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I've inherited CA from a previous employee's installation at a gallery and trying to figure out some of the basics.

  1. First is there is no area in the 'media' user window accompanying each record in the collection for attaching an image to the object. There are images that were included in the install during migration from another platform, but I am not able to upload images or figure out how to configure this.
  2. Each of the objects in the collection have designated location fields (1st floor storage room, 3rd floor shelf, etc.) but I can't figure out how to list items by location, ie some way to filter by location.

Any thoughts or advice on how to set these things up after CA has been installed would be great, I'm not familiar with the platform and it's all quite new to me.


  • So you don't see this media field on an object display (you have to select the media tab on the left). You can also do it by placing the image in the import folder on your server and running an import. If you want to attach it to an existing object, name the image file the same as the idno on the object, and selecting "import only media that can be matched with existing records" in the Import Mode dropdown.

  • Thank you! The problem is I don't even see a media tab on the object display. Is something missing from the install maybe?

  • It can be set up however the original designer wanted it to work. Typically there's a "media" tab, but it's a convention, not a requirement.

  • Thanks- could you point me how to set this up- is it through the theme or are there preferences that can be set to make this appear?

  • Go to the Manage menu and select Administrate. The on the left-side option list click on User interfaces. Edit the object editor interface, add a screen for "media", then open the screen for editing. You'll see a list of available data bundles. The one you want to drag onto your new screen is "Media representations".

  • That's great! Works. I appreciate it so much. Thank you

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