"Default dashboard" link -- new functionality?

[Providence 1.7.11]

Just recently I noticed the Default dashboard link in the top left of the dashboard -- is that a new addition? If so, is there a new function to define default dashboards? Where can I find it?

Currently, the link does nothing but completely clear the dashboard. Which is not exactly user-friendly, because this happens without prompting: one wrong click and the complete dashboard configuration is gone.


  • You can set default dashboard contents in app.conf using the dashboard_default_layout setting.

  • I'll second that the instant action, no confirm/cancel is a bit user-unfriendly.

  • Thanks, Seth, but this setting needs documentation: How do I assign widgets to the dashboard_default_layout setting?

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    This is what's in app.conf:

    # Force a default layout for new user's dashboards. Specify the dashboard layout

    # by column – the dashboard has two columns referenced as "1" and "2". Each column

    # must have a list of widget codes. Widget codes are the identical to the directory names

    # for each installed widget in the app/widgets directory. Codes for the standard

    # widgets are: 


    # advancedSearchForm, clock, count, lastLogins, links, lolCat, message, notifications,

    # randomObject, recentChanges, recentComments, recentRegistrations, recentTags, 

    # recentlyCreated, recordsByStatus, rssViewer, savedSearches, searchBySet, trackProcessing,

    # watchedItems


    # Other widget codes may available. Check the app/widgets directory for a list of all

    # available dashboard widgets.

    dashboard_default_layout = {

      columns = {

        1 = [count],

        2 = []



  • Ah, sorry, I overlooked that, as I had looked in our local version of app.conf that is still from the old version 1.7.8.

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