Missing location_tracking relationship in git?

Trying out Movement based location tracking in git (pulled this week) and when I move a storage location and try to save, it explodes with:

Could not create storage location - movement relationship for history tracking: Invalid relationship type in xxxxxxxxxxxxl/ca_new/app/models/ca_storage_locations.php line 526:

In app.conf, I have (based on the example in manual.collectiveaccess.org):

 useRelatedRelationshipType = location_tracking,



  • Make sure useRelated is set to ca_storage_locations

  • it is. except for templates I used the example's config

  • For what relationship is the type "location_tracking" set? movement <=> storage locations? Or something else?

  • Where is this set? in app.conf?

    I have in app.conf:

    locationTrackingMode = ca_movements

    object_storage_location_tracking_relationship_type = storage_loc 

    movement_storage_location_tracking_relationship_type = moved_to

    movement_object_tracking_relationship_type = part

    record_movement_information_when_moving_storage_location = 1

    movement_storage_location_date_element = removal_date

    and then (as the example config has) :

    trackingRelationshipType = location,

                            # useRelated = for browsing purposes log the current value as the first related item in this table

                            useRelated = ca_storage_locations,

                            # useRelatedRelationshipType = relationship type used when logging current value against related table

                            useRelatedRelationshipType = location_tracking,

    under the ca_movements element under the policy with table=ca_objects


  • Is there a relationship type with code = location_tracking for movement <=> storage location relationships?

  • and light dawns on Marblehead...

    OK, I am starting to get it.

    Do you have an example of the movement <=> storage location relationships?

    I currently have: is related to (related)

    Moved From (moved_from)

    Moved To (moved_to)

    so I changed: useRelatedRelationshipType = moved_to,

    originalLocationTrackingRelationshipType = moved_from,

    newLocationTrackingRelationshipType = moved_to,

    subLocationTrackingRelationshipType = moved_to,

    So it kind of works....but still throws an error about a bad relationship....but the movement record is created...and it does seem to record the original locations and the new location.

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