Session files filling up temp folder

Hello - First off, I am a historian who got tasked with trying to maintain our CA site after a co-worker left, so I am sincerely out of my comfort zone here. Please bear with me in my ignorance. Our site crashes when we have too many .tmp files due to storage issues, so I've been going in every morning and deleting those to free up needed space. Last week I realized that, in addition to the .tmp files, there were over 3.5 million 0 KB session files in the temp folder. It's strange because multiple session files are being generated every minute of every day even though I feel very confident we are not getting that kind of site traffic. None of them predate 2018, though the site has been active since 2013. The sheer number of files in the temp folder makes it hard to even get the thing open even though they are 0 KB, so I've been trying to slowly go back and manually delete stuff predating the last reboot. However, the collective wisdom of the internet suggests the system should perhaps be deleting these files on its own after a certain point, but that clearly isn't happening. Should I be worried about this and if so, is there anything I, as a person with very little knowledge of how any of this works, can do to fix it? I'm terrified of bringing the whole system crashing down by accident.

Any and all assistance is much appreciated. Thanks!


  • What version of CA are you running? I sounds like a very very old installation.

    In general, you can safely delete anything in the app/tmp directory. It should auto-delete old, stale tmp files but for a variety of reasons this sometimes doesn't happen.

  • How would I find out what version I have?

  • I can tell you that the Collective Access folder was created on May 17, 2018. So I'm guessing it hasn't been updated since then? I'm looking for the place where I can see exactly what version I'm running but I have yet to find it.

  • I tentatively think it might be 1.7.6, based on some file names I found in C:\CollectiveAccess.SRC. I see files called pawtucket2-1.7.6 and providence-1.7.6.

  • Take a look at the file version.php in the app/ directory. It'll have the version number in it.

  • Ah, found it, thanks! It is 1.7.6

  • I don't know if this is relevant to the issue, but our server is Windows 2012 Server R2

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