entity_class = ORG in installation profile is ignored

[Providence 1.7.11]

We exported our installation as an XML profile and used this profile to set up a second instance of CA. In doing so, we noticed that the installation routine was obviously ignoring the setting

<setting name="entity_class">ORG</setting>

for all entity types like "organization" -- in all cases the entity class is now "individual". Bug?


  • It may be. Please create a Github Issue for it. Thanks.

  • It gets even more curious: I have now changed the "Entity class" manually in the GUI. Result: The entity editor is now correctly displayed in the version for organisations, but in the list of entity types it shows still wrong: "organisation" is still assigned to the entity class "Individual person"! Even repeated changing and saving does not change this.

    I will first observe the phenomenon in another installation of CA and then enter a Github issue if necessary.

  • I could narrow down the problem:

    The profile importer does read the "ORG" setting for entity_class very well -- after a fresh install, the entity editor for the type "organisation" looks correct.

    But: In the entity_types list the entity class is displayed incorrectly, i.e. always showing "Individual person", even if in fact the setting is "ORG". If we now change another setting here in the list editor (in our case: add an icon) and then save the list entry, the correct setting "ORG" is overwritten by the wrong setting.

    --> Conclusion: It is most likely a bug in CA insofar that the dropdown selection command in the list editor always jumps back to "Individual person".

  • edited July 13

    There is a new release that should resolve these issues.


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