Error Uploading PDFs


We are testing a migration of our CA instance to new hardware. We have v 1.7.11 running on the new hardware with a copy of our DB. We are able to upload images to Object Representations, but we aren't able to consistently upload PDFs. I've gotten one PDF to upload, but generally get a 504 error or a 'Something Went Wrong Page'.

I attached a couple screenshots with the error and our configuration setup. We are using php 7.4.21, RHEL 8, and MySql 8.0.21.




  • A 504 error would imply that you're running PHP-FPM and processing is taking too long so the connection to the PHP back-end times out. I'd see about enabling background processing. Large PDFs may take a while to process – it'll take as long as Ghostscript requires to generate the various previews for each page. With background processing, the connection won't have to be held open for the duration of processing.

  • Hi Seth,

    As a test I bumped up the max_execution_time in php.ini and that seemed to get rid of the 504 error on larger PDFs. I may switch to php 7.4 common to see how that changes things while we're still in development.

    I'm still getting a 'Field 'page' doesn't have a default value in collectiveaccess/providence/app/lib/Db/mysqli.php' (attached) when uploading most PDFs of any size. I've tried about 10 PDFs of various sizes and sources and only 2 of them successfully uploaded without the error. Could it be the type of PDF causing some issue?


  • Your system was deployed during development of PDF highlighting, and it looks like it still has a field that was later dropped. This is what's causing the error. To resolve it run this SQL command on your database:

    ALTER TABLE ca_media_content_locations DROP COLUMN page;

    Note that this is specified to your particular database. This is not a general issue with CollectiveAccess.

  • Morning Seth,

    I tried this out this morning and so far it looks like it's fixed. We'll keep testing. The original deployment was before my time, so its 'fun' discovering all these surprises.

    Thanks again!

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