caGetListItemByIDForDisplay - Equivalent function for InformationService instead of List?

When configuring metadata in the object detail, one can make controlled elements (list) link back to browse results on the same value, using the caGetListItemByIDForDisplay function. This won't work for elements that are populated by information services (e.g. AAT) - is there an equivalent to this function that will allow InformationService metadata elements link back to browse results on the selected value?


  • Bumping this and rephrasing for clarity: When configuring metadata for the Object Detail Display, elements of type "list" can be configured to link back to browse results on the list item value. Example PHP below. However, when a metadata element is an information service, like AAT, (i.e. not a list) I am struggling to make the detail display link to browse results. My guess (purely just a guess) is that there isn't an equivalent to the function I mentioned in my original post. Is this behavior supported by another means?

    TLDR: The below code works on list elements, but not on informationService elements.

    foreach ( $vs_formats as $key => $format ) {

    echo caNavLink( $this->request, caGetListItemByIDForDisplay( $format ), '', '', '', 'Browse/objects/facet/format_facet/id/' . $format . '/view/list' );


  • SOLVED. It works if you just strip out the function and pass only the variable. Thanks for your help!

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